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To access your products please use the Login Box in the left sidebar. It looks like this...

Mobile Phone Instructions

If you are on a mobile device you may need to follow these instructions:

Go to the home page at On the page that opens you need to click on the button at the top that says "Categories" and then scroll all the way down to the Member Login form. (Actually, you should be able to access the form from any page but if not visit the home page.)

How to reset your password?

Go to the login form on my website.

Click "Forgot" so you can reset your password.

On the page that opens put in your email and submit the form.

Check that email address for a message from Consciousness Project and from the email address

If you have more than one account with the same email you will get several emails. Go through those emails to find the membership account you wish to reset the password for.

Click the link in that email to reset the password.

Make a note of these different logins so that you can quickly login next time.