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September 17, 2014

Financial Abundance Energy Healing Sessions

Consciousness Project - 1:20 AM

Energy healing can often help tremendously in turning financial problems around or if there are no problems then it helps you to have even more financial abundance in your life.

With my financial abundance energy healing sessions you can see results within days or weeks after starting. You may find opportunities present themselves such as an offer of your dream job or a job that may not be your first choice but if you're willing to see it through could lead to something better. By being open to possibilities usually overlooked you may meet someone with connections to more preferable work.

Money making ideas may present themselves without you looking for them, jobs may open up, financial windfalls may come unexpectedly such as promotions and bonuses at work and much more.

During and even after I've completed the number of days of energy healing sessions for your financial abundance you may see your sales or job prospects increase. When I do it for you, on your behalf, it works much faster and better than any other method I have available right now.

In certain cases, after I have completed your financial abundance energy healing sessions, sales may begin to decrease over time. There are several reasons for this and I talk more about the reasons in this article, Energy Healing Clears Energetic Blockages for A Better Life.

Problems with finances and a slowing of financial abundance are caused by your own beliefs about money and your own energy flow. Stagnant and blocked energy within your energy body causes a multitude of problems in all areas of your life. Among other things, negative beliefs about money also causes blockages in your energy body which lead to financial problems.

If you have positive and non-conflicting ideas about money, as well as a positive outlook on most of the other things in your life, you may not need the financial abundance service I'm offering here because these positive beliefs help to keep your energy in a state of balance and flow. But because lots of people do have negative ideas and beliefs about money, as well as negative beliefs about many other things, it causes energetic blockages and can cause major problems with financial abundance.

Keeping Your Energy System Balanced Increases your Financial Abundance
If you do not do meditation for yourself often or if you do not have someone else do it for you your energy begins to become sluggish or even blocked over time, which is actually the reason for many physical ailments, causing a domino effect in many other areas of life.

When I do the energy healing for your financial abundance it temporarily blasts through the blockages you have to making and receiving money and this is why you can have a temporary increase in your finances.

If you do not meditate or do other energy healing work on yourself those blockages begin to build up again placing you right back in the same place you were before.

Because you have not actually worked through the blockages caused by negative beliefs and because you also have a stagnation of energy in your energy body you will find that you become stuck again and the increase in sales or jobs may decrease. This is normal and you should definitely continue to work on yourself to find and clear those blockages so that they no longer stand in your way or you can let me meditate on your behalf to clear those blockages for you.

Another good week...thank you Melanie!
~ horus1123

Great! Blessings are coming in...thank you for this great service!
~ horus1123

Fantastic service! Best gig on the net...thank you!
~ horus1123

Some money I was expecting came to me quicker than originally thought...Great Service! Thank you!
~ horus1123

Positive energy flowing into my finances. I can feel it and we are receiving interest in our realty property
~ binarylove

I cant say enough positive comments about Melanie. I purchased this and within a day I have already had 2 interested tenants in a property my father and I have been trying to lease for years. No deal yet, but at least some momentum and interest. Cant say enough thanks!
~ binarylove

While I await tangible results,seller is upbeat and trustworthy.Only seller I have bought twice from.
~ kirk126

Agree or not , but I turned a lost order to a profitable one , and made USD 115 .
~ shahjahan

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Purchase Securely with PayPal or Stripe for yourself or for family and friends as well.
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Along with your purchase you can ask for any specific intentions you would like to manifest. For example, you can ask for a better job offer, a pay raise, prize winnings, more customers for your business, more sales, etc. You can ask for anything related to business and money.

Remember, the longer you continue these Financial Abundance Energy Healing Sessions the better your results will be.

Financial Abundance Energy Healing Sessions

5 Days of Sessions, Twice Daily for $5 - I will do financial abundance energy healing sessions twice per day for 5 days. Pay with Paypal OR

12 Days of Sessions, Twice Daily for $10 - I will do financial abundance energy healing sessions twice per day for 12 days. Pay with PayPal OR

1 Month of Sessions, Twice Daily for $25 - I will do financial abundance energy healing sessions twice per day for 1 Month. Pay with PayPal OR

5 Days of Sessions, 4 Times Daily for $15 - I will do financial abundance energy healing sessions four times per day for 5 days. Pay with PayPal OR

12 Days of Sessions, 4 Times Daily for $20 - I will do financial abundance energy healing sessions four times per day for 12 days. Pay with PayPal OR

1 Month of Sessions, 4 Times Daily for $35 - I will do financial abundance energy healing sessions four times per day for 1 Month. Pay with PayPal OR

Free Sessions! Limited Time Offer
Receive bonus sessions when you purchase today. Bonuses are as follows:
For purchases of 5 days of sessions, receive an extra 1 day of sessions for free. 6 Days Total
For purchases of 12 days of sessions, receive an extra 2 day of sessions for free. 14 Days Total
For purchases of 1 Month of sessions, receive an extra 5 days of sessions for free.

In an email send me the following information:
1. Name of the Person this energy healing is for.
2. Any specific intentions you would like to add to the sessions.
3. The name and location (city/state) of the person to receive energy healing.

You can send me a picture if you want but it is not necessary.

Once you've sent me the necessary information I will contact you back with details about your order and how we will proceed from there.

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response, but most likely I will contact you in less than 12 hours.

Energy Healing Clears Energetic Blockages for A Better Life

Consciousness Project - 1:01 AM

Everything is made of energy including physical things like money and your body as well as non-physical things like thoughts and emotions.

When energy becomes blocked and stagnant, which happens quite often, it causes a disruption. That disruption has a domino effect that spreads to many other areas causing actual physical disturbance, not just within the body, but also in other areas of life like finances, relationships as well as mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This energetic disruption can cause thinking to slow and physical reactions to stimuli to slow such as in sports where you just don't feel in the flow and instead you just feel "off."

This can make it harder to be creative and inventive and makes it harder to do well in school and work and to be productive in all other areas.

Energy healing works by making energy flow as it should and it helps to dissolve blockages so that things begin to work as they should. When your energy is flowing correctly everything begins to flow the way it is supposed to. Thinking becomes clearer allowing you to do your job, school work, or play sports more efficiently. You just feel much better in every way.

What causes energy to become stagnant and blocked?

A lack of proper meditation and other types of energy healing work on yourself can cause blockages. Also, stress, negative beliefs, past traumatic events trapped in your mental and emotional bodies which are not released can all cause these blockages.

These things are important to get under control and I even offer services to help heal negative emotions from negative memories and past events with my Emotional Freedom method (this is not EFT). I also have a service where I help Heal a Broken Heart for people who are going through emotional turmoil from a breakup. These things really help you to get over past hurts and emotional and mental pains fast and it is important to try to remove these things which are causing you to become sick and which are keeping you from living the happy and joyous life you would like to live.

FYI, I'm currently working on a few different things to help combat daily stress and also something for Aura Protection. I will write more about this soon but for now I will just say this... when your Aura is not balanced and clear you are more susceptible to feeling the negative emotions of others. This can really mess you up and I believe this is something that I am sensitive to. I've already created something that will help block these negative emotions from coming into the Aura and I've made it automatic where within a split second you can put up a shield around your Aura (it also clears out negative energy) and later when you don't need it anymore you can again, within a split second, take your shield down. If you are sensitive to other people's emotions, which I believe is called being a psychic empath, you can feel "out of sorts" all of sudden for, seemingly, no reason whatsoever. I've just realized that this is what I think I've been going through for most of my life. Since I've been using it I think I'm feeling a lot better on a daily basis. I'm wondering if there are a lot more people with this issue that don't even realize it and they wonder why they are feeling bad all the time... they are picking up on other people's emotions and they don't even know it.

One other thing I wanted to quickly mention is the fact that many, if not most, people are constantly thinking negative thoughts. So just think if you are sitting next to a group of people and they are all thinking negatively and all of these emotions are going right into your Aura and you have no protection and you are not able to clear out this negativity and it just lingers around for hours even after you've already left the company of these people... how do you think this would make you feel? I think this is the reason why you can feel comfortable with some people and uncomfortable with others. You are picking up on their emotions. If they are emotionally stable and happy you can feel it. If they are emotionally and mentally unstable and they have a lot of negative self-talk you will pick up on that and feel downright crappy.

Again, I'll update my blog when I've figured it all out.

So what can you do to remove energetic blockages from your energy field?
The best thing you can do to prevent and remove these energetic blockages is to learn meditation or another type of energy healing method to balance out your energy and make your energy flow correctly or you can easily have someone else do it for you. I offer all sorts of methods that can help and you may want to write to me first to see what I recommend you do before purchasing anything. And again, I have some new things coming soon that may help.

September 11, 2014

Update - September 11, 2014

Consciousness Project - 7:06 PM

This article contains a few updates to some of my projects that I would like to make you aware of.

Vision Improvement Sessions permanently improve vision. I've had a question recently about these sessions and I wanted to make it clear that each session you do will improve your vision more and more and each session is permanent. Please view this article for full details about my Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions that you can use to improve your own vision.

Here is the question and answer I posted in Google plus and on Facebook:

Q: I have question about your "improve your eyesight" system. Is the healing one gets from it temporary or after some longer use also permanent?

A: My vision improvement sessions are definitely permanent. As I've explained in the blog article, the only reason your eyesight will decline after completing the sessions is if you do a lot of close up work, like staring at the computer or doing close up school work without resting your eyes often enough or doing other eye exercises like the ones they talk about with the bates method. So for people who do lots of close up work they will want to continue with the monthly package otherwise only one month is needed really.

Key of Solomon Seals Update - I have added some more detailed instructions on how to use the Solomon Seals for even better success with your manifestation goals.

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine - I will be adding some new codes this week so be sure to check this blog article soon. Follow me on Google+ and Facebook so that you receive my updates.

The Radionics Machine is Similar to Meditation

Consciousness Project - 6:56 PM

This article will help you understand what a radionics machine is and how it is a lot like meditation. I've been getting some questions from people who don't seem to totally understand how a radionics machine works so I wrote this article which should help even the newest person to radionics to understand and comparing radionics to meditation seems to be the easiest way to do that.

Radionics is similar to meditation in the way it works. When you meditate you have an intention in mind that you want to manifest for your or a loved one's benefit. Your intention could be for better health, to heal a pain or an infection, to help a cut to heal faster, and much more. There is almost nothing you can't ask for during your meditation except for something negative to happen to someone else. For example, you can't ask for someone to be hurt, to choke on their gum or something like that. It would be a waste of time and energy because it will not work so I recommend you not try it. Instead, you can use your time and energy to work on something that benefits you instead.

With radionics you can use the same intention as before with meditation but instead of you using your own time and energy with meditation you can let your radionics machine do the work for you.

What the radionics machine does is it basically helps to manifest your intent by 'broadcasting' your intent as long as you have the machine running. When you stop running your machine for the intent you wish to manifest you no longer have something helping to manifest for you anymore. Whatever you asked for is still out there, however, in the place where intentions begin to manifest -- some people call it the nothingness -- taking form in it's own way but when you turn off your machine it is no longer 'broadcasting' your intent.

If you were wondering about the Nothingness, yes something does come from nothing. Everything comes from this place. First it starts out as a thought or an idea like your intention. Before your thought or idea can manifest it needs to be put in this place and given enough energy to form. When you meditate you are using the imagery of your intended outcome, which is an energy in itself, to place your intention, your thought-form picture, into this Nothingness where it begins to take shape, if you let it and try not to interfere with it too much, until it becomes something... whatever your intention was.

An Example of How Radionics is like Meditation
Using your radionics machine for business works similarly to meditation for more business or more money...

When you meditate for a certain outcome, for more customers or for more money, the meditation will only last for so long. After a while you must meditate again for more customers. It is an ongoing thing. If you were to meditate every day or every few days for an outcome you will be more likely to gain a steady stream of customers. Once you stop meditating your customers can continue to come in and be drawn to your business but you may begin to get less and less customers as time goes by. If you want more customers once this happens you must meditate again and usually more customers will show up.

The same principle works with anything that you would use your radionics machine or meditation for like in relationships, for success, creativity, etc. You must continue to use it until you get results and even after you get results or your intention will begin to wear off.

If you do not give your radionics machine enough time to work, which can take as little as a few days or it may take longer than a month in some cases, then your intention may not ever manifest. So be sure to stick with your radionics device or your meditations so that you can have eventual success.

For certain outcomes you will want to run your machine longer than others because some things take a longer time to manifest than others, but especially for business and money.

That being said, I find that sometimes it is easier for people to have me meditate for their specific outcome for them, especially for business. I think it is because my meditation is much stronger than my manifestation paper radionics machine in this particular area. When I meditate for a person to help them with their financial situation it seems to work better and faster, within the same week rather than in a month or two, than it does with the radionics machine. I find that when it comes to money there are other obstacles that are not being taken into consideration or worked on thoroughly enough to make things happen in a timely manner.

It's just like my Emotional Freedom method, for releasing negative emotional pain from past events and traumas, and my Belief Installer method, for helping to install a belief, in the sense that when I do my special meditation and energy healing method for a client it is extremely faster than if I were to make an automated session for these methods. (I am currently working on a way to have automatic Emotional Freedom and Belief Installer sessions where a one-on-one session with me is no longer needed. I'm not sure how strong or fast they will work but I will update my blog when I feel like they are ready. After I have figured it out I may find that it works just as well as a one-on-one session with me. You never know.)

Like I've said in my article on thought-forms it takes a long time to learn to meditate in a way where you can manifest things quickly the way I do and it can take you years of practice before you can learn to do it as effectively and as fast. I make it sound simple, which it is for me but it has taken me lots of time and a good amount of belief and self-trust to keep at it and not give up. Most people will try meditation but not give it a real chance because they haven't seen the results they hoped for. But if you continue to work hard at it you will find that it is actually really easy. You just have to do the hard work in the beginning to get to this point where it is super simple for you as it is for me.

I hope this article helped you to understand more about radionics machines like my paper radionics machines for healing and my paper radionics machine for manifestation and how they work similarly to meditation. Again, remember for certain outcomes to manifest you must use your machine for a long enough time to gain the results you want just the same as with meditation. If you didn't get what you wanted the first time you meditated for it or even after the tenth time you should still continue your meditations for as long as it takes and don't give up. Also, keep working with your radionics machine, maybe changing your intention a little from time to time if you have a feeling that it is not right. You would do the same thing with your meditations.
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