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August 28, 2014

The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method

Consciousness Project - 3:00 PM

I have created a new amazing energy healing method for natural healing, I call The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method, that you can use yourself on your own pains for natural pain relief and on a wide variety of other conditions just by simply pointing to the problem area. I created it first and foremost for pain because this is something that plagues so many people. In fact, of all of my services natural healing of physical pain is one of the top requests I get.

This item is No Longer Available. I've replaced it with Melanie's Miracle Water. It's still a good article though if you wish to learn more about what I do.

It works very quickly for all sorts of pain and most respiratory and sinus allergy symptoms. By continuing to use this alternative healing method you can most likely heal whatever it is that is causing the pain. You just have to continue to use it for as long as it takes to finally be totally pain or symptom free.

It's good for natural pain relief and of the following:
Back Pain
Hip Pain
Arthritis Pain
Relief of Allergy Symptoms (view article)
Stops Allergic Reactions Almost Instantly
Relief of Respiratory Symptoms
Natural Relief of Most Pains and other Symptoms
Mild Pains
Excruciating Pain
Reduction of Fever Blisters (Stops them from growing)
Stops Most Viral Infections from Proliferating Almost Instantly
... and much more!

Try It On Everything!

I am still testing and finding out what it can do... and what it can't do and why. And when I figure this out I will experiment to figure out how to fix it.

Up until now I usually had to do energy healing for physical pain relief myself for my clients. Actually I still do this.... I have to use my own time and energy by meditating on the person and his/her problem with a specific intention in mind. It isn't hard to do but I felt that I could create something that was even faster and even more powerful... something more automatic.

I started off with The Paper Radionics Machine for Healing Pain. This was one of my first projects that still works okay but it is not as strong or as powerful as my new method. I could always make The Paper Radionics Machine even stronger... as strong as this new method but I think I will keep it as it is for now.

Natural Healing of Pain - An Introduction to The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method
If you're having pain the pain you feel is just a symptom. Something else is causing the pain. If you can't figure out what is causing the symptoms or you are not able to address the cause for whatever reason then it is best to focus on the symptoms directly. That is what this method does. The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method treats the pain and other symptoms and when you continue to use it long enough it also helps whatever is causing that pain or other symptoms. It is an energy healing method that helps to relieve pain naturally.

How The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method Works
Now let me explain how this new energy healing method works. It is so simple that anyone can use it quickly and easily. How? Simply by pointing to the area that is in pain the energy healing will begin on it's own until the pain subsides.

I made it so that any person can use it whenever it is needed because some people have pains that come and go often and I can't be around all the time to help everyone. Therefore, it is always available to you when you need it.

You can go about your day and any time you have a pain or other symptoms all you have to do is point to the area for a few seconds with a quick thought of relieving your pain or healing the area and it will be done. After that you can just relax or continue what you were doing until the pain subsides. Many times you will forget that you even had pain and you will go on to other things and later realize that you are now amazingly naturally pain free.

This realization is kind of startling and exciting at first when you begin to use it and you find that it actually works as I said it would. After that you will just believe and expect it to work every time. This is what happens to everyone who has tried it so far.

Benefits of The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method for Natural Pain and Symptom Relief
  • The Easiest Method to Treat Pain
  • Works Super Fast
  • Do It Yourself
  • Become Your Own Healer
  • Effectively Treat Pains and Other Symptoms Instantly
  • Rely Less on Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • No Having to do Meditation Yourself
  • No Need to Ask Someone Else to do Healing or to Meditate for You
  • Works on Most Ailments
  • The Energy is Healing So You Can Use it to Treat Whatever is Going on With You at the Moment
  • No Techniques to Learn
  • The Longer You Use It The Better Your Results Will Be
  • Simple! Just Point at the Area to be Healed
It is not actually a technique, method or process even though this is how I describe it. You cannot learn how to do this yourself. This is something I am able to give to you so that you can heal your own pains and symptoms.

Now let's look at each benefit more closely...
  • The Easiest Method to Treat Pain ... so that you do not have to learn how to become a "healer." It takes lots of time, maybe even years, and costs money to learn effective healing techniques to be able to learn how to do it yourself.
  • Works Super Fast ... so that you don't have to wait around for results.
  • Do It Yourself ... so that you don't have to rely on anyone else.
  • Become Your Own Healer ... so that you can effect change to your body, mind and spirit yourself. This method heals on all levels.
  • Effectively Treat Pains and Other Symptoms Instantly ... so that you can live a more full and joyful life. (Treatment is instant as soon as you point at an area. Results take a few minutes usually.)
  • Rely Less on Pharmaceutical Drugs ... so that you can begin to repair the damage these drugs have done to your body and gradually release the addictive hold these drugs have over you. Taking pain killers can cause addiction so this method will help you to ease off of these drugs over time more easily than without it.
  • No Having to do Meditation Yourself ... this saves you lots of time to do other things. Besides, it's hard to meditate when you're in pain.
  • No Need to Ask Someone Else to do Healing or to Meditate for You ... because you will be your own healer.
  • Works on Most Ailments ... you can try it on everything.
  • The Energy is Healing So You Can Use it to Treat Whatever is Going on With You at the Moment
  • No Techniques to Learn ... because this method is instantly available to you to use as often and as much as you like after purchase. It really is as easy as pointing a finger.
  • The Longer You Use It The Better Your Results Will Be ... because you are allowing the healing energy to actually heal the area and not just treat the symptom.
  • Simple! Just Point at the Area to be Healed ... And It Will Be Done!

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to heal pains?
Pain usually subsides within 1-3 minutes. Some pains may take a little longer to subside.

How long does it take for the energy healing to relieve allergy symptoms?
Respiratory symptoms and sinus allergic reactions and symptoms usually go away within 3-5 minutes and sometimes quicker. Sometimes it may take longer though.

What does it feel like?
You may or may not feel anything while the healing is happening. If you do, it may feel like a warmth and/or a tingling sensation. It does not hurt at all.

How The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method Was Created
I created this method with the help of a thought-form energy ball. When you purchase below you will get access to your own thought-form that will do energy healing on any place on your body that you point to. Read this article for more information on thought-forms and energy balls and how I use them in my work.

Testimonial Story
I've tested it on my mom, who I test all my experiments on. She experiences off and on pains depending on the way she lays or sits, etc. She was in a slip and fall accident a few years ago requiring surgery and she still has trouble daily with pains that pop up here and there. She also has pains in other areas which may not have anything to do with her fall but they cause her trouble daily. So I have had to do my usual healing method on her sometimes 3 times a day because of it.

But I felt that this is not enough. I felt that there had to be something I could do so that she could basically have access to my healing abilities herself and do healing on herself at any time without asking me to do it for her.

And my former paper radionics machine for healing just wasn't strong enough for the types of pain she was having.

During my quest I created several new experiments and the outcomes were mediocre at best. But with perseverance and trial and error... because the experiments just were not working well enough... I finally came up with this new method that works absolutely wonderfully.

And since inventing this new method, The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method, my mom does not ask me to do any energy healing sessions on her anymore. Whenever a pain resurfaces she points at it and the healing energy begins to send itself into the area healing the pain within 3 minutes or less.

The kinds of pain my mom has are excruciating back and hip pains. This method is working great on those. She also has headaches daily. It's working perfectly on that. She also gets respiratory and sinus allergic reactions due to molds and strong smells like terrible smelling perfumes (mostly the air freshener scents). It's working amazingly on that. And for any other pains she just points to it and it is gone.

It really is quite amazing! She is so excited to have this available to her at every moment of the day. And I'm elated to not have to do my alternative healing methods several times a day to combat all her pains and other issues, but especially for allergies. (It's allergy season at the time of this writing.)

As you can understand it is quite frustrating to have someone close to you constantly in a state of agony. It causes stress and a feeling of helplessness. Not being able to help someone you love is heart wrenching.

And I feel like the longer a person uses this method the better the areas that cause the pain or symptoms will get. It will begin to help the affected areas heal itself and less and less treatments will be needed.

This is why I continue to experiment with improving my methods for healing pains and other ailments ... not just to heal the pain or ailment but also to reduce the need for medication.

More Testimonials

Recently a user used the method on a fever blister (Herpes Virus). The user pointed to the fever blister in its early stages, while it was still very small, for a short while and it stopped growing. The user has never had this happen in all their years. She's never had a fever blister so small. Usually they grow into large blistery lumps which take between one and two weeks to completely heal. At the most it looked like a small pimple which is easily covered with a spot of makeup unlike usual, unchecked fever blisters.

Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Bad and Damaging To The Body
Pharmaceutical drugs are bad for you, they are killing people and damaging internal organs, cells and functioning of the body the longer they are taken.

My main goal has been to finally get my mom off of pain medication for good because she has been having some issues with both over-the-counter drugs and prescribed drugs and my new method seems like the best option until I can figure out how to totally help the areas that are troubling her the most.

As a side note, my usual energy healing method works great for pains but sometimes, for some people, there are reoccurring pains that are very hard to treat, meaning I can't always be there so the pains will go away when I do the healing session and then the pain will resurface again later. Again, these types of pains are one of the reasons why I have created this new technique.

Pharmaceutical drugs are a crutch and should not be taken long term. They are good for short periods if this is the only way you have to get rid of pain. If you are taking pain medication for long periods of time because this is the only way you have to relieve the pain then by all means, do so. But... you should try alternative methods of relieving pain as soon as possible because if it works for you it is certainly worth it for the overall health of your body. You can then begin to restore your health with nutrition and other lifestyle changes with your focus on repairing any damage that has been done.

Being Pain Free Can Be the Best Feeling in the World
Most people who complain about pain seem to just want the pain to go away, even for just a while, just to get some temporary relief. Even if the area is not totally healed they feel great for the moment and that is a blessing in and of itself.

This is what pharmaceutical drugs do. They relieve the pain for a while until your next 'fix.' And just for that while when you're feeling total relief you are thanking the Gods for the current drug you're taking.

People will take any pain relieving medication they can get their hands on even to the detriment of their health. It doesn't matter what the side effects of the drug are. It really does not matter at all. People are willing to take their chances just to have relief. This is why I say being pain free can be the best feeling in the world...

You would do anything to get it, no matter the consequences.

Being pain free is liberating. Anyone who has a pain and the pain goes away for a time feels better mentally, emotionally and of course physically. Just being pain free becomes an amazing experience. We take this state of being for granted when we are not dealing with pain in the moment.

Going from being in pain to being pain free feels so good. Sometimes you only notice this satisfying feeling in the moment... that moment when you realize that you are no longer in pain... when the moment just before you were in pain. Any other time it doesn't feel as good and being pain free is again, taken for granted.

How Would You Like To Be Naturally Pain Free?
Think of the freedom being pain free will give you. You will feel better. You will have more energy. You will be able to spend more time with your family and friends. You will have more fun. You will be able to get out of the house and do everything that you want to do without restriction. Once you sign up you can have all of this and much more.

Purchase Today
When you purchase you will have access to this New Exciting 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method and you will be able to point to any area of your body for fast relief of your pain and other symptoms.

Purchase for Yourself Or Anyone You Want to Help... When you purchase the method for another person they will have the ability to use the method as outlined above. Then you can just tell them to point to any painful areas on their bodies for fast relief of pain.

I believe that you will love and appreciate this service for the freedom it gives you as much as it does for my mom and my other clients.

In fact, if it does not work for you and it does not help to control your pain or other symptoms as well as you would like I will give you a no questions asked refund within 30 days of purchasing. So take the full 30 days to try it out and if you find that The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method is not working as expected I will issue you a refund.

There are two options: pay once and get one month's use of the service or pay monthly. The second option is for people who have reoccurring pains or symptoms often. If you choose to continue with the monthly payment you will have access to the service every month and you may use it as often as you need it.

When you click the button above you will be transferred to for payment.

Contact me if you would like to purchase for 2 or more people.

Purchase now to get access to this service in as little as 24-48 hours.

Right now the price is very reasonable but I may raise it soon so secure your price by purchasing now at the current rate.

If you only want one month of the service use the button above to purchase and then cancel your subscription before the next month's billing cycle. Cancellation is easy. Just click this link to unsubscribe.

Once you've purchased I will send you a confirmation e-mail with your order details.

Other Considerations
Something I find that it cannot heal, which makes sense when you think about it and which can be said for most healing methods, is pains or conditions that come about due to a lack of certain nutrients. When the body does not have the right nutrition it is telling you by causing pain. The pain helps to get your attention so that you can do something about it.

That being said, this energy healing method may still be able to relieve the pain or discomfort temporarily in these types of situations. If it does not then make sure to get a multi-vitamin and see if you notice any relief. You can do an internet search to see what vitamins or minerals you could take more of and see if it helps.

Allergies - it works well with respiratory symptoms and sinus allergies but you should try to avoid the things and areas that cause allergic reactions if possible. Those areas will still cause issues and you may still need to use your current medication at times but this method will help to control allergy symptoms naturally so that you can taper off.

The 'Heal Yourself' Pain Relief Method is mostly for pains, but not necessarily discomfort. For example, if you ate too much your stomach will most likely still feel uncomfortable even after applying the method. A full stomach is not painful, just uncomfortable.

August 11, 2014

Improve Your Eyesight The Automatic Way with Vision Improvement Sessions

Consciousness Project - 6:10 PM

Have you ever tried to improve your eyesight naturally with energy healing? In this post I will explain to you how it works and how you can use it yourself to improve your own vision quickly and easily without having to use pinhole eyeglasses and without having to do eye exercises that you usually forget to do anyway.

I'm already receiving wonderful testimonials as shared with me by friends and customers.
What are Automatic Energy Sessions?
Important Links
Infographic - How to Stop Vision Loss and Repair Your Vision.
What are Thought-Forms, Energy Balls, Psionic Energy...?
Using the Vision Improvement Sessions to Improve your Vision to 20/20
Free Bonus: You will also receive monthly access to The Peace Project as long as you remain a paying subscriber. Subscribe at the bottom of this page.

I have come up with an easy to use, automatic way to naturally improve your eyesight. With this technique you do not have to do eye exercises to improve your vision. It is good for anyone with current vision problems.

This program works great for myopic, nearsighted vision including conditions like astigmatism. I still have to test farsighted vision and after I have some successes I will update this post.

How Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions Work Video

Every time I run the session on myself I am able to improve my vision so much that I can read some of the smallest writing from a good distance away when an hour before I couldn't. It feels amazing to be able to see so clearly.

Just think of how much this will improve your life. Clear vision is very important and by making this service accessible to you so that you are able to improve your eyesight whenever you want is invaluable.

If you would like to be able to see this clearly again without having to get new eyeglasses you should sign up for these sessions now by scrolling down to the end of this article.

These Vision Improvement Sessions Will Dramatically Improve Your Eyesight

How I Easily Improve My Vision Whenever I Need To
I use it myself whenever I want to improve my vision. I work on the computer a lot and because of this my eyesight usually gets worse more and more every day causing me to squint which also causes tension headaches. My vision gets blurry and I just generally have trouble seeing. To fix my vision problems I have set up an automated vision improvement session where I just start the session, let it run while I watch TV, read, or surf the internet and I check my vision a little while later. When I feel my vision is strong enough I stop the session and it's done. I don't use pinhole glasses anymore to try to correct my poor vision. I just start and stop the session whenever I need it. I've made it automated so I don't even have to think about it. It's much faster and easier on me this way.

So here is how it works. Say that you notice your eyes are blurry from too much near work and you want to restore your vision. You just start the session, let it run for a while, usually 30-60 minutes is more than enough, until you're seeing more clearly again, and voila! Your vision is restored. It's fast, painless and it helps keep your eyes in a healthy state.

How Was The Vision Improvement Method Created and How it Works
Let me explain how my Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions work. If you didn't know it already I like to create projects to test my ideas on energy healing. I do quite a lot of energy healing work and I'm always coming up with a new invention to try. In this case, I had an idea on how to use the chi energy I use on a daily basis to improve vision automatically. I like to make things easy on myself so I came up with a way where I could basically make a paper radionics machine that I could use to run the chi energy into my eyes with a certain intention for clearer vision. So first I created a new paper radionics machine with this intention and it took a little less than 2 weeks to really get it to work properly. I wasn't quite sure if it would work but I continued with it and to my pleasant surprise I tested it one night and found that I could see so much more clearly.

I could have done it without a paper radionics machine just by sending the energy directly into my eyes myself but again, I like to make things easy. One other reason I wanted to make the sessions automated is because my vision changes so fast that this would be an hour long ordeal several times per week. Not only do I want to make things easy this way saves me time that I can devote to other things.

Read this article about chi energy, psionic energy, energy balls, and thought-forms for more information on what these terms mean and how they work. After taking some time to understand how this energy is gathered and utilized you will have a clearer understanding of how these Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions were created and how they work to repair declining vision.

Benefits of Vision Improvement Sessions for Nearsighted Vision
  • Improves Vision
  • Can Improve Your Vision to 20/20 Vision (See detailed article on how.)
  • Permanent Results
  • Works the Very Same Day You Begin, in less than 60 minutes!
  • Run the Automatic Vision Improvement Session On Both Eyes or Only One Eye At a Time.
  • Saves Money
  • Reduces Worry About Failing Vision
  • Easy Start and Stop Feature
  • So Simple a Child Could Use It
  • 24 Hour Access
  • Run the Session Whenever You Want
  • Prevents Headaches
  • Prevents Eyestrain
  • No Need to Do Boring Eye Exercises
  • Use as often as needed
  • Improves Near and Distant Vision
  • Saves Good Vision
  • Helps People with Astigmatism
  • Your Whole Family Can Use It
  • Great for anyone who has any type of eye and vision problems. The energy is healing so it will never hurt the eye in any way.

Now let's look at each benefit more closely...

  • Improves vision — so that you don't have to purchase another pair of glasses every few months.
  • Can Improve Your Vision to 20/20 Vision - View this detailed article on how you can improve your vision to 20/20 Vision. Use this as a guide for how to get rid of your eyeglasses.
  • Permanent Results ... when used as directed. This is a permanent solution to declining vision.
  • Improves near and distant vision with clarity and sharpness. It is as if you are trying on your new pair of glasses again for the first time.
  • Works the Very Same Day You Begin, usually in under 60 minutes, so that you don't have to wait for weeks or months to notice results like with other methods.
  • Preserves vision — so that you can keep your current prescription as long as possible.
  • Good for people who don't wear glasses... preserves good vision if you don't currently wear glasses.
  • Strengthens weak vision so that you can get lower prescription lenses on your next doctor's visit. 
  • Run the Automatic Vision Improvement Session On Both Eyes or Only One Eye At a Time. The reason you would want to run the session on just one eye is that one eye may be weaker than the other and so you wouldn't want to improve the vision in the stronger eye because then it will be too strong and cause problems.
  • Saves you money on new eye tests and new prescription lenses — so that you can spend your money on other things.
  • Reduces worry about failing vision because you can now take real control over the health of your eyes and your vision.
  • Easy Start and Stop feature makes it easy to use without frustration.
  • The process is so simple a child can use it.
  • 24-Hour Access so that you can run the session whenever you want and you can improve your vision whenever the occasion calls for it. Sometimes when working all night on a project your vision changes so fast that you need to be able to run the vision improvement session right away. This ensures that you always have it when you need it.
  • Prevents headaches so that you can do the things you want to do during the day and so that you can get more done.
  • Prevents eye strain so that you're feeling your best everyday.
  • No need to do boring eye exercises because they are no longer needed.
  • Use it as often as you like so that your eyes are always in tip top shape.
  • Helps people with astigmatism... I have astigmatism and the session works just fine with this condition.
  • Your whole family can use it... If you have young kids with eye problems get them started on these sessions right away so that they do not have to get eyeglasses or if they already wear glasses you can help to keep their vision at their current prescription or work to make their eyesight even better.
If you don't wear glasses this method will keep your vision strong
so that you never need to get glasses.

The Vision Improvement Sessions Are NOT:
  • Visualization - you do not use visualization to try to improve your vision.
  • Meditation - you will not use any type of meditation for vision improvement.
  • Bates Method - you will not use the Bates Method exercises for vision improvement nor any other type of eye exercises.
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) - you will not use NLP to change your beliefs about your vision. 
  • Audio - you will not have to listen to any audio music. This is not subliminal, binaural beats, or isochronic tones.

A Possible Experiment
Using these Automatic Vision Improvement Sessions I am able to restore my vision to the point where it is as if I just got a new prescription and new eyeglasses. You know that feeling of when you first put on your new eyeglasses, things are much more clear and bright. Every time you run the session your vision can become this clear again too.

Although restoring my eyesight to its previous condition is great all by itself, I have wondered if I leave the session running all day or for a couple of days how much more improvement would I have. I might even be able to go back to my last pair of glasses.

I was thinking of a way to do just that. At the beginning of the year I was thinking of an invention where I could have one pair of glasses that can be adjusted so that I can work on improving my eyesight with energy healing. But there was always the obstacle of, what if I improve my vision but not completely. I would basically be blind until I could get a new prescription and new eyeglasses. Just thinking of the costs made me scratch the whole idea. It would be way too expensive to try it. Then about two months ago I saw a short infomercial for a new As Seen On TV product that was exactly what I was thinking of. The commercial was for adjustable glasses and for a really good price. Doesn't it always happen that you have an idea for a new invention and shortly after you find that someone has already created it? Actually, this idea may have been out for a while but I never took the time to search for it.

So now with these adjustable glasses I could actually try it out to see how clear I can make my vision. I haven't tried it yet. I'm just saying if I do decide to do it I will at least have a pair of backup glasses if I need it. They are not the nicest looking pair of spectacles, but honestly they aren't that bad. I could probably get away with it. And my guess is that it wouldn't take that long to get my vision back to its previous state.

If you decide to do this experiment yourself make sure to get your adjustable glasses first and it would probably be best if you waited until you have some vacation time.

My guess is that once you try these Vision Improvement Sessions for yourself you will seriously begin to contemplate trying this experiment I just outlined. You are going to be so amazed at how well these sessions work that a lot of you reading this article will be willing to try it.

Why You Should Use The Sessions Often
Multiple sessions per week are ideal for computer users and anyone who does a lot of up close work. Staring at a computer screen all day or even for short periods of time without a break causes eye strain and declining eyesight. This is a problem I have. If this describes you you will certainly want to have access to the sessions because you will be able to revert your vision back to its original state whenever you need to.

You can actually run the sessions multiple times a day if you like.

For people who don't do lots of up close work you might only need to run the sessions once per week or once or twice per month. It's up to you how often you want to use but just know that it will be here for you whenever you need it.

How To Use Vision Improvement Sessions
Here is a video that explains how to use the sessions. See how simple it is...

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the sessions feel like? Does it hurt?
The most you will feel during a session are some minor twitches or tingling in your eyeball. The tingling is just a common sensation of the healing psi/chi energy. It does not hurt in any way. Most of the times though, you will probably not feel anything at all.

How long and how often can I run the session?
You can run the session as long as you want and whenever you want. There are no limits. The longer you run the session the better your vision will become. If you have very poor vision you will need longer sessions.

The Growing Need for Prescription Lenses

More and more people are in need of corrective lenses because of doing lots of up close work. The use of computers, doing close up reading in school and reading small type on small handheld electronics causes impaired vision. It can happen slowly throughout the year for some people and for others vision fails much more quickly, sometimes within only a few months prompting the need for stronger and stronger prescriptions.

In some cases vision declines really quickly, for me this can happen in one day, therefore, it is best to have a way where you can run a session to improve your vision for about an hour or less and your vision is back to the way it was when you first got your last/current pair of glasses.

Relying on prescription lenses day in and day out does not help to correct vision, but instead, it makes vision worse. Wearing corrective lenses helps to untrain the eye more and more. But now you have a way to keep your eyes at the same prescription you are currently at.

Visit this page for more detailed information about vision impairment causes with lots of facts.

Vision Impairment Will Only Continue To Get Worse with Every New Stronger Prescription
The worse your eyes get the more likely you are to have irreversible damage to the eye but if you start working on the health of your eyes now you can reduce the chances of anymore deterioration of your eyesight.

"People who have a high degree of myopia [nearsightedness] have a higher chance of having a retinal detachment." [1]

"A retinal detachment is also more likely to occur in people who are extremely nearsighted" [2]

Basically, this means the worse your vision gets, for nearsighted vision, the higher your chances are to have retinal detachment.

"Single-vision minus lenses for full-time use produce accommodative insufficiency associated with additional symptoms until the patient gets used to the lens. This is usually accompanied by a further increase in myopia and the cycle begins anew."--M.H. Birnbaum, Review of Optometry.

Basically, this statement is saying, for myopic or nearsighted vision, that when you get new prescription lenses your vision must change to accommodate the new prescription making vision worse than it already is. Then, after your vision adjusts to the new worse prescription your eyesight does not stabilize, but rather, it continues to worsen. This cycle continues with every new prescription.

Unfortunately, your current prescription lenses do not allow you to improve your eyes. You are stuck at this prescription unless you do some sort of eye exercises or better yet, the Vision Improvement Sessions, until your eyes are strong enough to get a lower prescription.

How to Improve Your Eyesight Before Your Next Eye Exam
Something you can try is when you are ready to get your next pair of eyeglasses take some time running the Vision Improvement session before you see the eye doctor for your next exam. You can run it as long as you like if you use the "Instant 20/20" self-adjusting glasses and wear them instead of your normal glasses. This way as your vision changes you can adjust the glasses as much as you need. Then when you go to get your new prescription you will be getting a new pair that are not as strong as your last ones. After your eye exam remember that you have to stop running the Vision Improvement Sessions or your new glasses will be too strong for your improved eyesight. Using glasses that are too strong can cause headaches and other discomfort.

Have you ever gone to the eye doctor and he says your vision has improved? This almost never happens unless you have a method that helps to improve your eyesight. How would that feel? This method may help you to do just that.

It Is Crucial That You Keep Your Vision Strong and Healthy
One thing you need to understand is that your vision can change slightly daily and depending on the kind of work you do, if you strain your eyes, watching TV or staring at the computer too close without rest can cause your eyesight to decline at a fast rate, possibly within an hour or two. This is why it is so important to have a method that you can use whenever you need to help to reverse the damage you've done to your vision. When you subscribe to The Vision Improvement Sessions you will have unlimited access so as soon as you feel like you need to you can use it for 15 to 30 minutes at a time (or longer) and sharpen your eyesight right away. This is what I do.

Using the bates method can help improve vision but I find that doing my quick vision improvement session is supremely faster and much more simple. My method is simple, easy, with no need for eye exercises to improve your vision. Just start the program, set a timer, and check your vision a little bit later. You can start and stop it at any time. Try running the session for 15 or 30 minutes at a time. This is the recommended way to do it because the energy is very powerful and if you run it too long you can cause your vision to be too strong which can cause headaches. Always make sure to follow the guidelines and you'll be just fine.

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Right Now these sessions are only for nearsighted/myopic vision.

I believe that you will love and appreciate this service for the health and strength of your vision just as much as I do for mine.

There are two options: pay once and get one month's use of the service or pay once and then a small monthly payment. The second option is for people who do lots of computer work or close up work and who find that their eyesight becomes weak often. If you choose the monthly payment you will have access to the service every month and you may use it as often as you need it.

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August 6, 2014

What are Thought-Forms, Energy Balls, Psionic Energy...?

Consciousness Project - 6:18 PM

Here is a quick article on thought-forms, energy balls, chi energy and psionics. This article will help you understand exactly what it is I am talking about in some of my other posts and how some of my energy healing projects work. I use these things with my paper radionics machines and Youtube videos to make them work effectively. I will probably update this article with more thoughts in the future but for now it seems pretty complete.

What is Psionic Energy?

Psionic energy is bascially a thought-form with chi energy added to it. Chi energy is just another term for Qi, Mana, life force, the force that sustains life. The life of this thought-form usually starts out as a ball of energy called a psionic ball, psi ball or chi ball. The ball form is the easiest way to create this mass of pure, invisible energy. First the user creates the ball of energy and during the process the programming begins to be added to it.

Before I begin to create my thought-form energy balls I create a list of things that I want my energy ball to do and I add chi or psi energy to it. That's it. I make it sound simple, which it is for me, but it can take years to figure this stuff out for yourself.

The thought-form is the intention. Any basic psionic energy ball has basic programming and a basic intention with its most important programming being to not just disappear as soon as it is created. If you are new to creating energy balls/psi balls then this is what your energy ball will do.. it will just fizzle out and disappear into nothingness. If you can't make a psi ball stay then you cannot program it to do anything else.

What are thought-forms?

Thought forms are simply those things that you think about with enough emotion and belief that they become real. Thought forms are not magickal or mystical in any way. Anyone can create a thought form but without enough emotion, strong visualization and a strong belief your thought forms will vanish as soon as you think of something else.

An example of a strong thought-form is when you are trying to manifest money.

For some, manifesting money is easy. But why is that? Because they have been practicing manifesting money and most likely many other things for maybe 5 years or more. People who can manifest more money into their lives believe that they can, that it is easy, and they can visualize the outcome easily. To successfully be able to manifest money you have to have at least some of these things.

Manifesting money into your life is no easy feat for others. A lot of times it takes a whole lot of changes from within first because of your subconscious beliefs about money. Subconscious beliefs that may have been placed there by parents or other dominant figures in your life. Beliefs such as "rich people are evil" are basically thought-forms. It is created from thought, emotion, belief and energy.

How Thought-Forms Work

Thought-Form creation can be compared to meditation or any other manifestation type technique in the sense that when you meditate to manifest something you have a picture of what you want to manifest in mind. The meditation process of silencing your mind helps the thought-form picture go to where it needs to go for it to begin to take form. The place where the thought-form goes gives it energy to manifest. So you have a thought-form picture and energy in both of these cases. With techniques like reiki, Qigong and others you always start with energy and then the image of what you want to happen/intend/manifest is added.  The reiki symbol is like a thought-form. It contains within it the intention of what you want to happen. It is a thought-form and again you give it energy to be able to affect a change. Without the energy nothing will happen.

Everything is made of energy. Thought itself is energy. Emotion is energy. Thought with emotion is a stronger form of energy. Thought with enough energy can do things you can only imagine and wouldn't even think is possible.

You only really learn how real this all is when you experience it yourself. Reading this article and not actually experiencing it can make the whole thing seem silly and impossible. Only when you try it yourself with an open mind will you find how truly amazing it is. You will also be more likely to agree that there is more to this world than you currently experience and there is a lot out there that you are not knowledgeable about.

Are thought-form energy balls safe?

Energy balls are absolutely safe. As long as the thought-form is positive it is safe. The energy used is healing energy so it has a certain amount of love, compassion, gratitude... all that good stuff... in it.

What are energy balls used for?

Energy ball thought-forms are made to bring about some kind of change in the environment, in the body, in plants, and in the mind of a person. They can help you to accomplish something such as the energy balls I create for healing and manifestation. I use them for a lot of my work.

The energy ball holds the intention you have given it. It's like someone meditating for a specific outcome for you and you don't have to do the meditation yourself.  That could mean it is meditating for you all day, for weeks, months, years, etc., depending on the length of time you set the energy ball thought-form to run it is holding that intention for you for that amount of time.

Energy balls can be created for lots of different types of things, almost anything you can think of really. As long as it is given enough energy and the right programming it will do the job you ask of it.

Photo Credit: Robby Green via Compfight cc
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