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March 28, 2014

Beat Depression with Qi Energy

Consciousness Project - 12:01 AM

Have depressing thoughts that you can't get rid of? Purchase today and I will help you to beat your depression using Qi (chi) energy healing. The energy healing you will receive will totally change how you feel in a short amount of time.

This service works great for people who have depression causing thoughts.

Comments I've received include "wow I am starting to feel a lot better what are you doing great job keep it up thanks," and "whatever you're doing it's working."

More Reviews

Date Testimonial Received: March 7th, 2016
Joyfuljune purchased the Beat Depression sessions for her fiance on March 6th, 2016. Less than 24 hours later she sent me the following message:
"Hi ! Yes he seems to be in better spirits now :) its quite amazing..thank you so much."
~ joyfuljune on Fiverr

"The depression sessions have been working really well. I was undergoing some treatment that was making me feel very low and depressed which is why I tried your service. Everybody instantly noticed an improvement in my mood at home. Thank you very much. I have recommended your products to friends and family."
~ Mohammed, UK

How does it work? It works a lot like the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine Codes but is not included with that product. It is a special code I will run for you that will powerfully get rid of negative depression causing thoughts.

Update: I also have this item available as candles where you just light the candles and you will receive the same benefits. Click here to purchase the Beat Depression Candles.  Manifestation candles are not currently available. If I decide to offer them again I will update this post.

Purchase Today
Purchase includes the number of days selected below of this service where I will run it for you every day. (Usually begins working within 5 days.) After I run the Beat Depression code I will then run a different code called Blessings & Positivity daily. These two codes when run together will help beat any depression.

Not for depression caused by physical issues such as chemical imbalance. 

Purchase Securely with PayPal or Stripe
Stripe is a Payment Processor similar to PayPal. You can use your credit or debit card. View more info about Stripe.

10 Days of Sessions - Pay with PayPal OR

20 Days of Sessions - Pay with PayPal OR

1 Month of Sessions - Pay with PayPal OR

Monthly Subscription for $30 (to these sessions every month until you cancel) - Pay with PayPal OR

Free Sessions! Limited Time Offer
Receive bonus sessions when you purchase today. Bonuses are as follows:
For purchases of 10 days of sessions, receive an extra 2 days of sessions for free. 12 Days Total
For purchases of 20 days of sessions, receive an extra 4 days of sessions for free. 24 Days Total
For purchases of 1 Month of sessions, receive an extra 6 days of sessions for free.

No Shipping Necessary with the service.

You may easily unsubscribe at anytime in your PayPal or Stripe account.

Photo Credit: Camdiluv ♥ via Compfight cc

March 26, 2014

Energy Bracelets for a Powerful Energetic Boost

Consciousness Project - 4:07 AM

These energy bracelets work great for giving the wearer extra energy needed during the day. A lot of people complain of being tired during the day and usually drink caffeinated drinks or those popular energy shots to try to combat this problem. These products are not only dangerous and unhealthy they are now no longer needed with this great product I'm now offering.

The energy embedded in this bracelet will give you a powerful boost of energy. You will feel this energy as long as you wear the bracelet. When you take it off the energies will no longer be sent to you. Wear it all day for an energetic boost.

Comments I've received: "leaving them on all day while I am at work I am buzzing with energy no drowsiness at all" and "I love it even better then those 5 hour energy drinks I tried before" and "Leaving them on all day rocks till I come home."

As long as you wear the bracelet you will feel this energy. Take it off when you don't need the energy so that you are sure to get the rest you need at night.


"I am enjoying my bracelet. It seems to inspire me to be creative. I have been working on creating a new website for our plumbing & heating business & thoughts are flowing freeing. I wake up everyday with a new found spring in my step!"
~ Phyllis, New York, USA

Phyllis then went on to say how the energy from the bracelet helped with her focus and more about her creativity:
"I must say that I do believe it took some time to work but it sure has helped me focus on creativity. I have been so motivated & determined to finish this project with pride. I have a hard time focusing at times. I will start something but not finish occasionally. With the website project I am fully engaged & it's wonderful. I too Love your experiments. : )"
~ Phyllis, New York, USA

Materials: The bracelet is made of leather cord with slip knot closure and the bead is metal.

The energies are actually contained within the bead so if you have your own bracelet or want to change up the look of your accessories you can take the bead off and put it on a different color bracelet perhaps or a string of necklace.

The energy contained within the bead will last forever. As long as you have it it will continue to work. If at any point you feel the energy has stopped working contact me and I will recharge the item for you. Be sure to keep your receipt.

Other Available Energies:
Powerful Energetic Boost
Blessings & Happiness
Boost Intelligence
Boost Creativity
Stress Relief
Learning is Fun, Learn Fast & Fast Comprehension (of any subject)
Powerful Intuition

Comes in these colors: Goldish Yellow, Silverish White, or Brown. Please choose one.

Any of the energies listed on the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine page can be made into a wearable bracelet/product so you can give them as gifts.

I can also add multiple energy codes to your bracelet. For every extra code add $5 to the price. For a price quote and for a payment link please contact me here.

Purchase the energies for your own bracelet. Don’t like mine? Send me a picture of the bracelet (pendant, necklace, stone, coin, bead or other item can be substituted) you want to use as your
energy bracelet and I will energize it for you and shipping won't be necessary.

Ships within the United States. Users outside of the United States - you can use your own bracelet and I will energize it for you. (Shipping outside of United States through eBay. See Listing here.)

Purchase Today
Available for purchase on Etsy or eBay.

Contact me if you want to purchase by Paypal. I will setup a payment link here soon.

Manifestation Candles

Consciousness Project - 4:04 AM

These manifestation candles are great tools for creating change in your life. They are embedded with powerful energies and information that can help you to change different areas of your life for the better

Update: Manifestation candles are not currently available. If I decide to offer them again I will update this post.

There are special energies embedded within the candle so that when they are lit for 5 minutes the room and anyone in the room will be filled with the energies for 3 hours each time so you can light them for 5 minutes before you leave the house and you will be charged with the energy and information for 3 hours.

Only a few hours is needed per day for these candles so you don't have to have them lit all day long. In fact, I suggest you not run them for longer than 5 minutes daily for certain candles as listed below.

The candles are sold in the small tea light size so that they are easy to ship. These candles last up to 6 hours each so if you were to light them once per day you will get 72 days of use out of each tea light candle.

If you don't want to have them shipped you can purchase just the energies for your own candles. Don’t like mine? Send me a picture of the candle you already own and I will energize it for you. (Shipping will not be necessary this way.) The energies will last for as long as you own your candle. (Large candles are subject to higher pricing but if you have your own tea light or long taper/dinner candles the prices remain the same. Contact me with information about the size of your candle for a price quote.)

Available Energies:

Clear Negative Emotions
Balance and Harmony
Stress Relief
Concentration and Focus
Control Anger
Overcome Worry
Powerful Intuition
Restful Sleep (only light this one for 5 minutes per night an hour or so before sleep)
Blessings & Harmony
Effortless Success
Money & Business Success
and more coming soon...

You can light more than one candle, as long as the energies are related, at the same time. For example, you can light Balance and Harmony candles at the same time as Stress Relief. Self-Confidence and Self-Trust can be lit at the same time.

The candles can be lit for longer than 5 minutes per day when needed. Just light the candle for 5 minutes then blow it out. Three hours later you can light it again for 5 minutes.

Any of the energies listed on the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine page can be made into a manifestation candle so you can give them as gifts.

Ships within the United States. Users outside of the United States - you can use your own candle and I will energize it for you. (Shipping outside of United States through eBay. See Listing here.)

Purchase includes 3 candles.

Purchase Today
Available for Purchase on Etsy and eBay

March 12, 2014

Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine

Consciousness Project - 6:36 PM

Would you like an easy way to manifest things into your life? The Paper Radionics Machine for Manifestation can help you manifest material things, people and circumstances into your life and it can even help you make beneficial changes to yourself to create a better you.

Important Links
Frequently Asked Questions
Paper Radionics Machine for Healing
Solomon Seals (can be used with the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine)
Infusion 4.0 Energy Cards (free with subscription)
Solomon Seals Results
What are thought forms, energy balls, Psionic energy...?
Free Bonuses
You will also receive monthly access to these free bonuses as long as you remain a paying subscriber:
The Booster Symbol
Energy Update Code - you will receive information about this with your purchase
Infusion 4.0 Cards
The Peace Project - only for Solomon Seals subscribers.

The other paper radionics machine was for healing only. This one is for manifestation of lots of different things including manifestation of life circumstances such as stress relief, restful sleep, boost creativity, boost business, boost confidence and much more.

Please view this article about What is a radionics machine? and How my radionics machine works? or read this new article, What are thought-forms, energy balls, Psionic energy...?, where I talk about these things in detail explaining how I create some of my experiments and projects including this paper radionics machine for manifestation.

How Does It Work?
First you will print out the radionics machine, which looks like the image above, as well as the Energy Manifestation Card pictured below. They can be printed in color or black & white.

Energy Manifestation Card

The Energy Manifestation Card contains the energy and all the programming that you will need to run the Energy Codes listed below. This card holds the energy and programming that powers your radionics machine.

If you've already read the description on how the original paper radionics machine works for healing the same basic description applies here. This paper radionics machine was created by me using Qi (or chi) energy, the energy that sustains life, and a long list of very detailed programming and can be used easily by anyone to change their lives in many beneficial ways. Basically, you just run the codes for the person or thing (including business) you want to affect and you will notice a change usually in a few days but sometimes longer.

The type of energy used to create these changes in your life is also known as psionic energy as well as a psiball or chi ball and like I said, all it is is a thought form created by my thoughts with loving Qi energy. In essence, it is programmed with my thoughts just like a computer program to do a large number of specified tasks.

How to Use Manifestation
Paper Radionics Machine for Manifesting

Setting Up Your Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine

Look at the image below for an example of how to set up your Paper Radionics Machine for Manifestation. As you can see in the image below all you have to do is write a name or place a photo of the person, place or thing to be affected by the energy in the square area on the left. In the square area on the right you will place a pre-programmed letter/number code from the list below. This number code serves as your intention. Next, you will place your Energy Manifestation Card on the spiral of your manifestation board in the middle of the page.

Paper Radionics Machine Manifestation Board Setup to Send Energies to a Person

The above image shows you how you should setup your machine. You will place your Energy Manifestation Card in the middle. You do not have to write the description at all the way I have it shown under the number code. You can write just the number code by itself and it will still work the same.

Paper Radionics Machine Setup to Send Specific Energies to a Room/Area

After setting up your manifestation board in this way the energy will begin to send the pre-programmed information (your intention) and Qi energy to the person (or place) to be affected.

To send energies to areas of your home use a picture of the area(s) of your home to be affected in area 1 (Name or Photo of Person) instead of using a name or picture of yourself. So for example, if you want to send Success and Optimism to your home office the Qi energy and information will be sent to your office filling it and the people in the area with a feeling of Success and Optimism.

Print as many machines as you want but don't run different unrelated codes at the same time. For example, you can use complimentary codes together at once such as Physical Energy and Exercise... these codes work together. But you shouldn't run Control Anger and Charisma at the same time because they don't really compliment each other. Once you've run one set of codes remove them and place a new set of codes to be run.

Different people can be run at one time with the same codes. Just place all of their names in the left box. You can write names (or codes) all on one slip of paper or you can have several slips with different names. Just make sure the names (or codes) are in the box and it doesn't matter what way you do it. It will all work the same.

List of Energy Codes
B001 Friendship
B002 Balance and Harmony
B003 Relieve Stress
B004 Success and Optimism
B005 Money
B006 Business Success
B007 Find a Good Job
B008 Concentration and Focus
B009 Physical Energy
B010 Control Anger
B011 Overcome Worry (use together with Success & Optimism, for best results)
B012 Solve Problems
B013 Powerful Intuition
B014 Self-Confidence
B015 Charisma
B016 Self-Trust
B017 Public Speaking Skills
B018 Effortless Success
B019 Brainstorming
B020 Teamwork
B021 Invention
B022 Fast Comprehension (when learning any subject)
B023 Learning is Fun
B024 Ability to Learn Fast
B025 Increase Mental Energy
B026 Creativity
B027 Increase Fat Burning
B028 Influence People - good to use for influencing people to do what you want like buying your products
B029 Business Success Boost
B030 Ease Worries and Fears
B031 Positivity Towards Gambling/Winning at Gambling
B032 Luck in Gambling
B033 Meditation - This code will make it easier to meditate.
B034 Calm Emotions
B035 Powerful Imagination/Artistic Success
B036 Find New Love - helps find a new loving relationship/new lover
B037 Strengthen Love - for strengthening the love between two people. Write your name in area 1 and in area 2 write the person's name and this code.
B038 Increase Spiritual Energy - use it with Increase Mental Energy and Meditation
B039 Project Strength - for projecting an attitude of emotional strength which is attractive to the same and opposite sex in romantic relationships and in business
B040 Project Security - for projecting an attitude of emotional security
B041 Change of Luck
B042 Good Fortune
B043 Physical Protection - protects from bodily harm and any danger
B044 - Help to Get Things Done / Help to Finish Projects - New!
B045 - Comfort for Emotional Pain - use this to help relieve any suffering. - New!
B046 - Astral Projection (Try this when practicing astral projection.) - New!
B047 - Persuasion - get someone to do something for you. (Write out what you want the person to do as the intention with this code and their name in area 2 on the right and place your name in area 1 on the left.) - New!
B048 - Improve Household Relations - helps to improve relationships within the household. - New!
B049 - Win Lawsuits - New!
B050 - Avoid Undesirable Person - New!
B051 - Leave a Relationship - this one helps you to get out of a relationship. - New!
B052 - Escape Danger - New!
B053 - Get Out of a Situation - use this to help you figure your way out of a situation - New!
B055 -  Reverse Negativity and Evil - helps to send negativity or evil in any form back to its source as a defense mechanism. - New!

The latest New! codes above are still being tested. Try them out and see what happens.

BSR1 - Stress Relief (different version; try both and see which works better for you)
BCE1 - Calm Emotions from Bad Memories
BCR1 - Boost Creativity
BIN1 - Boost Intelligence
BBU1 - Attract Customers (For Business)
BBU2 - Business Success
BSL1 - Restful Sleep (run this code for 30 minutes to 1 hour before sleep)
BSL2 - Rejuvenation (use this one for cell rejuvenation and restful sleep)
BEN1 - Energetic Boost
BMD1 - Happiness & Positivity (this one is to help raise your mood; it may be subtle)
BOB1 - Workout & Exercise (this one is good for giving you the energy to exercise, fat burning, rejuvenation, enjoying exercise)
BRE1 - People Enjoy Being Nice To You
BPSY2 - Gaining Intuitive Answers (Write out a question you would like your intuition to answer for you next to or underneath the code number.) Answer may be an idea that you have a good hunch about. Pay attention to your ideas and hunches.
BCE2 - Blessings and Harmony (Use when you feel angry to calm you down and when you want to be blessed.)
BLV1 - Bring Lovers Closer Together (Use this code if you are already in a relationship and you want the bond to become stronger between the two of you. How to Use: Write your name in the box on the left. Write your significant others name and the code BLV1 on the same slip of paper in the box on the right.) See forum for more information
BBF1 - Make Someone Think More Favorably About You or Your Business/Company.
For business run this code on the person who you want to purchase your products or listen favorably to your sales pitch. For personal run this code on the person who you want to think more favorably about you (for example, a mother-in-law).
How to Use: Write your name or your business name in the box on the left. Write the other person whom you wish to cause to feel more favorable about you or your business and the code BBF1 on the right.
BPL1 - Powerful Love Spell. How to Use: In Area 1 place your name and in Area 2 place this code, BPL1, and the name of the person who you would like to run the love spell on. (I'm currently testing this new code and I will update the blog with more information soon.)

BREM - Remove Negativity (This code seems to be working very well. One user used it to remove negativity from their business and they saw their business improve. Try it on yourself, your home, business, etc.)

New: The Booster Symbol. This special symbol will boost the power of your machine and add extra energy to your manifestation machine.

When you purchase you will receive instructions on how to make your machine stronger. For each Booster Symbol that is added to your machine you will double the power of the machine thereby adding more energy to your intentions. You can use several Booster Symbols at the same time for even more powerful manifestations. It is especially good for manifesting money and other opportunities that you are trying to attract to yourself. For some of you, you may need a stronger machine so that is what this update attempts to do. Certain situations call for added extra energy so use them especially where business and money is concerned.

You can use The Booster Symbol with any code and with your own intentions. You can use several Booster Symbols at the same time for even more powerful manifestations.

Solomon Seals (see this post for more) - you will have access to all the Solomon Seals (except excluded ones) for an extra price. They work the same way as the above codes with a special code for each but you can run them all day and you don't have to carry them around with you.

More Codes Coming Soon
I will be adding new codes soon for exercise, weight loss, relationships and love, business, and more.

Physical Energy - run this energetic code for about 2 hours per day, preferably in the morning. I've used this one on myself and my mother and we both noticed a significant difference. The day before I tried it on her she felt so tired and run down (she had been feeling this way for weeks) and the next day she said she felt a whole lot more energy. The second day she was still feeling energized.

I've been using the Physical Energy code for the last 1 and 1/2 months and I feel more energized during the days than I've felt in a long time.


(very interestingly) ive been trying to help some ... friends with the radionics and one of them that chose 'remove negativity' said to continue what im doing cos she made lots of money at her business following me setting up the machine for her!!! - Testimonial by John C.

A customer uses the Energy Codes and it keeps him buzzing all day long. "Leaving them on all day while I am at work I am buzzing with energy no drowsiness at all. I love it even better then those 5 hour energy drinks I tried before. Leaving them on all day rocks till I come home." - Testimonial by customer S.P.

Another customer notices more work when using the money codes. "For money i didn't see much, now i notice my husband got more work, and large job." - Testimonial by customer P.C.

Among the few good sellers I have found. Fast response. Slept well using card. Now, I will try for more. - Testimonial by Kirk_126

My daughter has been suffering form a cold for few months now and in few days of using the manifestation paper her cold began clearing. I would definitely buy again from Melanie. - Testimonial by Dfsahyoun

Repeat buyer. Love this gig! - Testimonial by Solomon777
Thank you for you great work this was hard to be live now i have to say this work !!! platclar. - Testimonial by Platclar

Great! Thanks, I look forward to working and manifesting with it!- Testimonial by joyfuljune

How Long To Run The Codes
When just starting out you can try running a code or a set of codes for 2-3 hours a day or as needed. After the 2-3 hours is up remove the codes from the manifestation board. Run the same codes for 2 or 3 days and then don't run them for another day or two.

Some codes can be run all the time such as business codes. These codes do not effect the physical body so you can safely run these all day long.

Codes that are to affect your physical body and mind should be run as long as you can take them. The energy created by these codes can become too strong and running them all day may make you feel off. For example, the code for meditation may make you feel tired so you would only want to run it a short time before and during meditation.

Other codes for the body and mind can possibly be run longer. Again, you will have to play around with the timing until you figure out what works best for you.

After working with the codes for a while you may begin to sense how long to run the codes and when you shouldn't run them. If you're not sure that's okay too. Just play around with it and be patient and you should see results soon.

Use It for Business
To run a code for business all you have to do is write on a slip of paper the name and address of the business, use your business card or use a picture of the business to represent it and the energies will go there. You can also use the url of the business if it is an online business and not a physical one.

Business and Money codes may take a longer time to manifest, possibly 2 weeks or more. 

Some Other Tips
Place a glass or bottle of water over the code number in spot 2. (and your Name or Photo in spot 1.) on your radionics machine for at least 30 minutes and this will charge your water with the information and energy. When you drink the water you are drinking the information and it goes right into the cells. Try it out and see how well it works for you. Hint: A good one to try is Restful Sleep a short while before bed.

You can also try writing out your own intentions making sure that they contain detailed information of what it is you want and place it in spot 2 (the area where you would usually write the code) along with supporting Energy Codes. For example, if you want success in some area you would write out your intention and also add the code for Success and Optimism.

Manifesting While On the Go
Sometimes you can't set up your manifestation board the way you want when you are out of the house so use these instructions to manifest while on the go.

Print out another Energy Manifestation Card and carry it with you. When you feel like you need to run one of the Energy Codes all you need to do is write out which code you want to run on a slip of paper and place it together in your pocket, on a desk near you, or in your wallet or purse and the energies will be sent to you in the same way as if you set up the Paper Radionics Machine in the traditional way as explained above.

Let Me Know What You Think
Test out the manifestation board and let me know in the forum what you've experienced. You can also ask questions and make requests in the forum.

[I'm thinking of ways that I could set it up so that you can time it to run at a specific time everyday rather than having to physically set it. Keep checking back here for updates so that you don't miss out.]


Purchase Today!

You will be able to print as many Manifestation Paper Radionics Machines as you would like. You will have access to all new codes for free as long as you're a subscriber of this product. I plan to update this section with new codes so make sure to check this page or my Facebook or Google+ pages for updates.

Purchase Securely with Paypal or Stripe (New!)

You have two payment options:
1. Purchase the Machine without Talisman Seals - $10/m
Subscribe Monthly for The Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine (without Talisman Seals) through PayPal or Stripe.


2. Purchase the Machine with Talisman Seals - $15/m
Subscribe Monthly for The Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine with Talisman Seals through PayPal or Stripe.
(View more information about the Seals)

When you purchase you will subscribe through the Stripe Payment Processor with your credit or debit card. More info about Stripe.

When you purchase the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine with Talisman Seals you will receive a special code for each talisman seal so you do not have to print them out. You will use the codes the same way as you would with the manifestation machine as described above.
Free Bonuses
You will also receive monthly access to these free bonuses as long as you remain a paying subscriber:
The Booster Symbol
Energy Update Code - you will receive information about this with your purchase
Infusion 4.0 Cards
The Peace Project - only for Solomon Seals subscribers.
After payment I will email you the pdfs to print out and more instructions. Please allow 24-48 hours for delivery.

These prices are subject to change at any time but by subscribing today you will guarantee yourself the same price as long as you remain a subscriber.

I will be raising the price soon so get it now at this low price while it lasts.

Easily unsubscribe at any time in your PayPal or Stripe Account
Unsubscribe from Stripe by logging in and going to "My Profile" on the login form.

When you unsubscribe you will still have use of the machine until the end of the month you've already paid for.

March 5, 2014

Infusion 4.0 Energy Cards

Consciousness Project - 2:27 PM

These energy infusion cards infuse energy into your body in several ways to help clear old traumatic memories, increase your energy levels and detoxify the system naturally to create a healthier mind and body.

The cards help to detoxify the organs and glands as well as toxins from the brain and pineal gland.

Clearing of old memories is possible, especially when you use as much of the energy as possible. Using the cards takes longer to clear old memories than using the Emotional Freedom service I offer which only takes 15 - 30 minutes or so.

The more you infuse everything around you with the energy the better you will feel and the more benefits you will attain.

Charge everything you eat, drink and wear to add large amounts of energy to your body so that everything you come into contact with will feed you even more energy. Print out as many as needed.

Laminate the cards if needed but especially in areas where they may get wet like in the refrigerator or bathroom.

Water - adding the energy to your water makes water taste fresher and smoother. It changes the molecules of the water so that they are better absorbed by the cells of your body thus hydrating you much more efficiently. When you hydrate the body in this way your stomach feels fuller satisfying hunger for weight loss.

Test #1: As a test try placing a card under a glass of tap water and fill another glass with tap water as a control. After letting them both sit for a while the energized water should taste cleaner. It's best to drink filtered water whenever possible so I don't recommend drinking lots of tap water. This experiment is just to test the change in taste. The energy in the water changes the clusters of the water molecules.

Food - place the cards in your refrigerator, freezer and pantry. The food will absorb more energy the longer it sits. Food energized in this way helps to neutralize toxins before ingesting them, it cleans out the digestive system and aids the body's ability to absorb and digest food which promotes weight loss. It also helps the body to feel fuller sooner reducing the amount of food eaten.

Perishable food lasts much longer than food that is not energized. Place a card underneath fruit for better taste and any other food that usually only lasts a short time and lengthen the time of its freshness.

Sleep on the cards - place the cards face up on the floor under your bed or between the mattress and box spring and under the area where you sleep. Use as many cards as you like starting with 1 or 2 cards and add more over time, as much as you can bare. The energy will go up through the mattress and into your body.

Test #2: Place a few of the cards underneath you and lay down on top of them. If you use 10 cards stacked on top of each other you will feel a strong amount of energy build up on and in the area of skin directly above the cards. You can try this test just by holding the cards face down on your skin. It will become uncomfortable the longer you hold it.

Energize Everything

Vitamins, Minerals and other Health Supplements - energized supplements are much more effective.
Clothing - put the cards in your closets and drawers so that when you wear the clothes the energy absorbs right into the skin.
Jewelry holds the charge easily so energize all of your jewelry for an extra energy boost.
Rooms and areas - place cards in any area so that you can absorb the energy. Placing the cards in work areas, under computer keyboards, monitors and laptops boosts productivity. It also clears negative or stagnant energies from the area.
Pain - place the card directly on the spot where you feel pain for pain relief. Or charge your lotions or oils and massage it into the area to relieve pain.
Pets love the energy. Either energize your pets water and food before you give it to them or place a card under their water and food bowls and watch how much more lively they become.
Plants and Flowers - cut flowers last longer and potted plants flourish, and even come back to life, when you place a card underneath flowerpots or even in garden soil (laminated to keep out moisture) for healthier, faster growing, energy infused fruits and vegetables.
Manifestation - send energy into vision boards by placing a card underneath the board or on top facing the board. Write your name somewhere on your vision board so that the energy is sent towards your goals for your benefit.
Business - give a boost to your business by placing your business card faced-down on top of an energy card to increase sales and growth of your business.
Household Cleansers - Try to use green products when you can and charge any household cleaning items so that they work better.
Candles - charge your candles for a while before you light them and when lit they will disperse the energy into the air.

Daily exposure to the energy has cumulative effects and you will feel more energized as time goes by. The more you absorb and are exposed to the energy the more toxins will be purged from your cells and the better you will feel. Your cells will begin to revert back to a more youthful state because the energy has an anti-aging effect.

How to use the cards?
The energy comes off the cards face up -- on the front with the words and image showing. Always place the cards facing the direction you want the energy to go towards. For example, faced up with your water on top, faced down on top of your water.

Placing a card into any container infuses the contents with the energy. Use more cards for even more energy.

You will be able to print as many cards as you like and they will work as long as you are a subscriber. Every card you add will double the strength of the energy that comes off of the paper.

How long to let the card sit?
30 minutes should be long enough for a small bottle of water. For larger bottles of water and most other items you can let it sit for an hour or so. Leave the cards in other areas and don't remove them for better infusion into the items.

Sensitivity to Energy
If you're sensitive to energy like I am you may find that drinking the water makes you feel a little tipsy as if you're intoxicated for a short time. When this happens it means that the energy is being infused into the body so much so that it causes a sort of overload. If this happens it may be a sign that it is just too much energy at this time and you can take away some cards so that this does not continue to happen.

Why is the card Infusion 4.0 and what happened to versions 1.0 to 3.0?
The old cards are less powerful than version 4.0 but I plan to make them available soon to anyone who purchases Infusion 4.0.

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Purchase either of the radionics machine subscriptions and get the Infusion Cards for free.
Choose from the Healing Paper Radionics Machine (but only if you spend $15) or the Manifestation Paper Radionics Machine.

Alternately, you can order on Fiverr: Energize your body with Infusion Cards for more focus, clarity, energy, success
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